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US Anker

Multi-Device Charging Experts

What I Offer

The Optimal Anker Prime Charging Power


Power Banks

Multi-device charging up to 250W

Two-way fast charging

Dynamic power in a compact size thanks to high-density batteries

Anker app and digital display for control and monitoring


Chargers and Power Strip

GaN technology for smaller and more portable designs

Fast charging capabilities, e.g. power a MacBook Pro 16″ in 28 minutes (0-50%)

Slim form factors like 0.7 inches thick for power strips


Multi-Device Solutions

Simultaneous charging for up to 4 or 6 devices

Advanced safety protectio

AC power options in addition to USB-Cn systems

Power Your Digital Life Without Limits

Anker Prime delivers cutting-edge charging technology to energize your on-the-go lifestyle. With our high-capacity power banks and ultra-fast wall chargers, you can charge all your devices quickly and simultaneously.


Device Brands Supported


Devices Charged Yearly


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Raved Reviews

Praise from Powered Partners

Anker Prime’s charging stations are a game-changer for my multi-device lifestyle.

John Doe

Tech Blogger

Our customers love the fast charging and compact designs of Anker Prime products. They’ve become our top sellers.

Emily Wilson

Mobile Accessories Retailer

Deploying Anker Prime chargers has reduced device downtime and increased productivity across our mobile workforce.

David Thompson

Corporate IT Manager